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Guam, the tiny little island paradise that lies in the Western Pacific Ocean is about to experience the largest military facility expansion in U.S. history. Over 30,000 jobs will be created in Guam, the other Mariana’s, and the Marshall Islands during the initial stages of what is called the “Guam Base Buildup”.

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Over the next 5 years, billions of dollars will be invested in harbor improvements, infrastructure, industrial, commercial, residential and above all, major military construction.

All projects for Guam’s infra-structure and military bases will be open for bid by approved construction companies, GSA Vendors and suppliers from the United States and other countries. Sensitive areas and developments may be limited to US companies and citizens but everything else is free game.

The Guam Base Buildup is a joint venture of the American, Japanese, and Guam governments and will accommodate the influx of nearly 35,000 military and civilian personnel.

Basic Infra-structure work will include:

  • Harbor improvements
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant expansion
  • New roadways and bridges
  • Extensive Utility construction
  • New schools and education facilities
  • Living quarters
  • Workers barracks
  • Hospitals

As infra-structure is rebuilt, construction, improvements, and expansions will begin on existing and new Air Force and Naval bases and the planned Marine Corps, Army, and Coast Guard facilities.

So, what exactly does the Guam Base Buildup mean for you? It means a chance for you to expand your business and cash in on an unprecedented opportunity! For commercial construction, manufacturing, and distribution companies or for construction workers and support staff, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime!

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